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How To Draw Dinosaurs

In lesson category I will show you how to draw a stegosaur step by step. You can draw such a dinosaur freehand looking at the monitor or print this page to get a detailed instruction on each step.

Follow the red line on each of the pictures to find out what to draw at each particular stage. Lines drawn at the previous stages are presented in grey. I will show you the pictures of each stage, provide descriptions for them and tell you how to draw a stegosaur.

Instructions Step By Step

1. Draw the head and the body.

Draw a big pear-shaped figure for the body. Add a smaller figure for the head.

2. Add the neck and the tail.

Draw a curved triangle for the neck. Add a slightly curved pointed tail on the other side.

3. Draw legs.

Draw an ellipsis for the hip of the hind leg on the side. Add a small ellipsis for the thigh and a curved rectangle for the leg. To draw the front leg, draw a circle at the shoulder level, an oval for the upper part of the leg, shape the thigh and paws.

4. Add legs.

To draw the back leg on the rear side of the stegosaur, add an egg-shaped figure for the thigh and a rectangle with rounded corners. Add a tear-shaped figure for the lower part of the leg. For the forelimb, draw an oval for the upper part of the paw and a tear-shaped figure on the side for the lower part of the leg.

5. Add the plates.

Draw the plates along the stegosaur’s back. Add four sharp spikes on the tail.

6. Add details.

Add ovals for the eyes and nostrils. Draw a line for the mouth that is slightly wavy. Add lines on plates for more details. Draw lines on the tail and legs to shape muscles, as well as some lines on the neck and stomach for leather wrinkles.

7. Add finishing touches.

Use a marker to outline the lines that you need to keep and erase the draft lines. Even if you don’t manage to draw it at the first attempt, keep on trying until you make it!


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