Tessa Vargas

How To Draw A Body

Female Body

1. Draw a circle for the head.

2. Outline basic face shape and body contour. Draw curved rectangles for the upper part of the body. Draw an object for legs that looks like pants.

3. Add two circles on the chest.

4. Draw the arms, neck and shape the woman body.

5. Draw the basic features of the body.

6. Erase the draft lines and draw clothes.

7. Colour the drawing.

Male Body

1. Draw a circle for the head.

2. Draw a big rectangle below the head. Leave enough space between the rectangle and the head. Divide the rectangle into four parts. The first part should make up 1/5 of each of the rectangle.

3. Add lines to shape the body. Draw a vertical line in the third and fourth segments of the rectangle and correct the body shape.

4. Draw three vertical lines for the neck.

5. Add 2 slanted lines to connect the middle of the neck and the rectangle edge.

6. Draw the basic body contour.

7. Erase sketch lines and add details.

8. Colour the body to your liking.


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