Genevieve Riley

How To Draw A Manga Girl

In this lesson you will learn how to draw a manga girl.

Step 1. We are going to draw a girl. First we need to create a matchbox man with a circumference instead of a head.

Step 2. Add a small bow at the back of the head, sketch out the lines around the body, which depict the fluttering ribbons.

Step 3. We draw the drawn elements in more details as well as the hands and the whole body. Make place for depiction of the eyes.

Step 4. Carefully draw the face as it is the main feature of the character of the manga, then we draw a hand in which she holds her skirt in details.

Step 5. It remains only to fix her hair and finish with the creation of bands moving in the air.

Step 6. It remains only to shade the dress and add shadows on the face and hair.


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