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How To Draw Anime Eyes

The eyes in a drawing made in the anime style are the base of this style and all the drawings of girls created in the anime style are distinguished by huge eyes: black, blue, green ones, but unfailingly huge and expressive. Due to the fact that eyes are the most important and complicated element of any drawing of an individual, to draw eyes correctly, do it in a step- wise manner.

1. Draw a simple scheme of the eyes location

Draw two parallel lines and two perpendicular lines with a simple pencil, as it is shown on the example. The eyes of a girl in the anime style will be drawn across the borders of this outline, or more precisely, inside these lines.

2. The eyes in the anime style are slightly stretched upwards

Due to the fact that the anime style eyes are slightly stretched upwards, draw two ovals slightly flat apically and slightly bent as in the picture. One can draw the anime style eyes without any advance marking, but then one needs to have very precise sense of distance. Without marking the drawing of eyes will necessarily turn inaccurate. And, if you draw with a simple pencil in a step- wise manner, you will see how easily, quickly and carefully you can draw eyes of a girl anime.

3. Remove marking lines from the drawing of an anime

Now it is the time to rub off all excessive pencil lines from your drawing and add contours of eyelashes. Look attentively at your drawing, if all the proportions are accurate because just afterwards, it will be difficult to correct something.

4. The girl's eyes must "sparkle"

Perhaps, this stage of drawing will be the most complex, though one needs only to draw pupils. The thing is, that to make the anime style eyes "sparkle", the pupils of eyes must have different shadow areas, therefore one needs to separate them by outlines in advance. Do not cover the entire pupil with black or blue color, it is required to make color highlights on them. The eyes of an anime style girl must definitely "sparkle".

5. The final stage of the drawing of an anime

You see, how it is simple to draw the eyes of a girl anime. All is left to do is to slightly circumscribe the contour of the face, add some simple contours to the picture: the nose and the mouth, the hair and the eyebrows. The iris of eyes can be left black or one can draw it with blue or green color, it is in your option.


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