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How To Draw Transformers

Drawing develops imagination. Kids usually with pleasure spend their time drawing. Teens like to draw, too. They can learn to draw 3D letters, cars and robots. Parents may not share similar interests, but still should be sensitive to the interests of the younger generation. Mom or dad can show their child how to draw a transformer. They can devote a family evening to it. The teenager can then teach his friends.

How To Draw A Transformer Optimus Prime?

This is the main character of most comics and cartoons about transformers. Optimus Prime is kind, wise and generous. Any teenager would like to draw this character.

First, outline the guidelines for the transformer’s torso and head.

Then you need to sketch the helmet.

Now refine his face features. You need to draw eyes and a triangular cheekbone.

Next you will need to sketch the armor covering his chest and shoulders.

Now you can draw his right hand.

At this point, you need to refine both hands of Optimus Prime.

Add volume to the transformer’s hands and head.

Next, draw the groin area.

Sketch out the legs and feet.

Add volume to his legs.

The final step is to refine the details of Optimus Prime’s body.

You can easily draw a transformer in pencil using this step-by-step instruction. You can leave him as he is or color the drawing.

How To Draw A Transformer Jazz?

You can add to your collection another hero from the team of autobots. Jazz is engaged in subversive operations. He is fastidious and likes to look nice.

Begin with outlining guidelines for the torso and the head. To do this you need to draw two circles of different sizes.

In a small circle, outline a helmet.

At this point, you need to refine the helmet and the face of Jazz.

We need to pay attention to the hands of the robot. It is planned that he will rely on his right hand. The fingers should look wide open. The left arm should be raised with a clenched fist.

Now you can draw the lower part of his body. Jazz is down on the left knee, so we need to draw his leg to show it.

Go on with the right leg. It should aim towards.

At this stage, refine 3D elements of his body.

Finishing up the drawing pay attention to small details and carefully erase guidelines and unnecessary lines.


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