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How To Draw A Helicopter

It will not be easy. You need to be patient. If you fail the first time, you show your strong will and try again. Let’s get it started.

How To Draw A Helicopter In Pencil Step By Step

1. Trace light lines. For this can take a hard pencil (H). Define the position of the helicopter and the angle from which you will look at it.

Draw an oblique triangle - it is a contour that outlines your future flying machine. Trace a line at the top of the triangle; it should look like a prolongation of a side, above it draw a curved line. This is the back of our helicopter. Angle, looking at us, is the front part.

2. Draw a structural element on which will be located the rotor, for this start from the curved line and going vertically upward with a slight inclination.

3. Challenge: draw the outline of the helicopter around the main triangle. Top corners, "ears" drawn to the main unit, later will be transformed into turbines.

4. And now we need to draw the wings. Look at our main triangle: its farthest from the side is the baseline. Mentally or with a light line, trace a parallel line to it. Draw on it the wings of the helicopter. The wings will create extra lift, and this will increase the flight speed.

5. Draw turbines: big ones at the top and small ones under the wings. Carefully draw the nose of the helicopter in the closest to us corner of the triangle, and in the bottom draw a wheel landing gear.

6. In light, barely visible lines draw windows, contours and corners of the hull.

7. Now in broad lines draw a cross-shaped rotor.

8. We have almost forgotten the tail. It can be seen from behind the rotor.

How to draw a helicopter in pencil step 9 We are practically done. We only have to erase the basic triangle. Then using a soft pencil run the contours of the major parts. If you wish, you can color your helicopter. How to draw a helicopter in pencil 5 Finished. I hope now you know how to draw a helicopter.


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