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How To Draw A Lily

In this tutorial, we offer you a step-by-step instruction on how to draw a lily in pencil. Following the instruction, you will draw the lily as shown on the picture, but the last step is to color it. The beginners can use crayons instead of paints to color the drawing.

1. Outline the flower bud and the stem.

Expand the sheet of paper to make the drawing bigger. It will be easier to draw and color. The lily, as well as the water lily is a big flower, our drawing should reflect it. The height of this flower can reach up two meters.

2. The outlines of the flower’s petals.

It is easy enough: you need only to outline seven free-form petals and move on to the next step.

3. How to give the shape to the petals.

It is very easy to draw the lily’s petals: all you need is to remember that they are located in two rows: the upper and the bottom one. The upper petal “covers” two lower ones. It’s up to you to select the shape and the size of lily’s petals, the important thing is to stick to specific proportions and symmetry. Pay attention to the stem.

4. Erase draft lines.

This step will require you a little more attention, because you need to gently remove the draft lines of the petals and the stem. Now it’s time to refine the petals. Draw the petals "boldly", because in nature the lily’s petals, as well as those of other flowers, do not feature straight, accurate lines.

5. The flower in detail.

Draw narrow and oblong freeform leaves on the stem. After this, you need to draw not less than seven or eight stamen. Add few strokes to the center of each flower and you can proceed to coloring.

6. How to shade lily in pencil.

If you need to draw a lily in pencil, use this scheme of shadowing. The lily flower has a very tender, pastel color, so do not shadow it too “thick”, as an ordinary pencil doesn’t fit very doo for this purpose.

7. A lily drawing on a graphic tablet.

In France, the lily is a symbol of the royal house, that’s why it is necessary to color this flower to highlight its beauty and refinement. To color your drawing you can use my picture as a pattern.


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