Lena Santos

Origami Easter Egg

The Easter egg from modules is one of the most fashionable and demanded hand-made articles by Easter today. If you become good at twisting triangular origami modules, then to make an Easter origami egg isn’t as difficult as it seems at first.

Such Easter egg will become an excellent decoration of the holiday table. The modular Easter egg is, perhaps, the simplest thing, which can be made of triangular paper modules.


Paper modules.

Step by step instruction:

Step 1. To make a modular Easter egg, we need triangular modules of origami. For a modular Easter egg of a medium size, it is a little bigger than chicken’s one, we need 36 blue modules and 56 green and 56 orange.

Step 2. Join two modules with the help of the third.

Step 3. We build up two circles of 8 modules each in such a way.

Step 4. We form the third row of 8 modules.

Step 5. Further for expansion of our Easter modular egg we put the module on each element of the previous module, alternating colors. In total you will need 16 modules for the fourth row.

Step 6. We form the fifth row of the Easter modular egg, putting a module on two elements of the module of the previous row.

Step 7. We build up 5 more row of our modular Easter egg the same way.

Step 8. To create the basis of our modular Easter egg, we take three elements of modules of the previous row with a module. In total we need 12 modules.

Step 9. The modular Easter origami egg is ready.


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