Claire Mitchell

How To Draw A Butterfly

Find out how to draw a butterfly with a pencil. It is very simple and indisputably beautiful. In culture of many peoples, butterflies are a symbol of soul and its regeneration.

Let`s come to practice. First, take a sheet of paper, a pencil 4B- 6B, and a rubber. It is important not to forget about a correct lighting. It is not only contributing to the right selection of light and shadow in a drawing, but also takes care of your eyes.

Draw a light horizontal line, which should be as a butterfly flight. On this line, draw a body and a vertical line, which will be used to draw wings. Add horns to your butterfly.

Before drawing a butterfly with a pencil, look at photos and pictures of moths.

Now, come over to wings. It is worth remembering, that the front ones are more even, it is worth drawing them with help of several lines with rounded angles. And back ones, on the contrary, have more sophisticated outline. Do not forget, that the wings must be symmetric relatively to the butterfly's body.

As for coloring of wings, only your own fantasy can be here your judge. Not only each kind of moths bears its own pattern, you will not find two identical ones in the whole world. In this stage one is to give the body final shape and apply a more vivid outline. Here you can find a very simple variant of coloring.

You have just learned how to draw a butterfly with a pencil, try to find a more complex lesson on our site or teach your friends to do the same.


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