Alana Cunningham

How To Draw Chibi

In this short tutorial, I will show you step-by- step how to draw a chibi in pencil. We have previously tried to draw a chibi girl in this tutorial, but now I offer you the basic principles of drawing a chibi.

Step 1. The main feature of chibi is a big head as children usually have. Draw two identical circles like this, i.e. the head and the body will be of the same size.

Step 2. Begin to draw the chibi's body from the bottom. The belly should slightly look forward; do not draw the arms, just sketch them.

Step 3. Draw the arms. They should be small, plump and do not have any anatomical bends.

Step 4. From the very beginning, the circle for the head was divided into four parts by two lines. The direction of these lines depends on the position of the head. If you have not outlined them previously, draw them now. On the horizontal line draw large eyes (in this tutorial, I explained how to draw anime style eyes), a small mouth, as for the nose, we do not draw it in this step. Draw the chibi’s ears at both sides of the head.

Step 5. Now we have the basis for a chibi and you can add whatever you like: hairstyle, clothes, a pet, any background. Once you have decide on the chibi’s clothes and hairstyle, draw them in simple lines, erase unnecessary lines and outline the picture. Now you can color your drawing as desired. That is how look my finished drawing.

Now you know how to draw a chibi in pencil step-by-step.


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