Claire Mitchell

How To Draw A Monkey

Here you can learn how to draw a monkey with a pencil.

1. Draw out circumference in the center of a paper sheet. It will be a head. Draw two horizontal lines above and draw hands to them. Draw out a body and two rounded feet.

2. Mark a muzzle on the face and draw out the eyes level. Then draw an ear. Draw legs in detail.

3. Attentively draw the muzzle: eyes, the nose, the mouth, the forehead. Draw hair: on the head, on hands, and by the entire body.

4. Let`s draw the branch, to which your monkey holds on. Draw cross lines and a trace from a knot.

And now let`s shade your macaque! Let`s imagine, that the light comes from the front and abandon a light stripe on the paunch. Make its sides darker.

5. Add much long hair by the body so that the monkey would look maximally natural. Well, somehow or other! It is ready!

Hopefully, the lesson about the way to draw a monkey in a step- wise manner, was helpful for you.


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