Keira Greene

How To Draw A Female Face

First step: let’s start simply by creating an oval with lines. Than draw by the same lines neck contours under it.

Second step: now you can add hair. Erase oval lines and lines of the neck, making structure smoother. In the middle of the picture draw the line that will mark a half of the face.

Third step: now, using the same lines, designate places where eyes and a nose will be settle down.

Fourth step: make certain that features of the female face haven’t been created too big or small. For this purpose, designate places for eyeballs precisely, and make with lines a nose and a mouth.

Fifth step: now, using outlining and sketching you have just made,  accurately and precisely draw lines of eyebrows at first, then eyes and a mouth. Also finish drawing of a nose of the girl and her nostrils.

Sixth step: if all last steps have been made well, then the hardest part of this is already learned. Erase all unnecessary lines, make eyebrows more elegance, draw pupils and a nose bridge and make the line of lips.

Seventh step: put shadows on the girl’s face, sketch her eyes, lips, and make the eyebrows still more sharper and clearly.

Eighth step: now the only thing left to do is to perfect everything so that drawing would look like a picture of Angelina Jolie's face. Give colors to hair, sketch eyes and lips more carefully.

Well, now it's all done


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