Arya Willis

How To Draw A Clown

Clowns and harlequins entertain people for many centuries. Find out from this article, how to draw a cute colorful clown.


1. Draw a head. Depict a big circle with sketches in it (the vertical line will indicate the location of the nose and the mouth and the horizontal one – the location of eyes). Do not try to make a perfect circle, but try to draw it exactly as on the picture above.

2. For the body, draw a drop like shape without a sharp top. It will be connected to the head, and in general, the figure will be like a salt cellar.

3. Make a sketch of legs and feet. Draw two figures similar to tubes, having added one oval to each of them from below. These will be clown's big shoes.

4. Add arms and hands. From the place of the connection of the head and the body, draw two curved figures similar to straws. Draw small circles at their ends. These will be hands.

5. Circle the head and add features. Do not make them too big unless you want to depict a scary clown; simply draw the bent eyebrows, the rosy cheeks and a mouth broadly smiling.

6. Add details in your drawing. Depict large ears and curly hair across them. Draw a walking stick and clothes for the clown, he will be dressed in press-button overalls with cuffs, there will also be a bow tie.

  • His shoes can be two-color, separated by the line in the middle, or you can make them of one color, if you want.

7. Circle his body. If you forgot something, add him details, but it is better if this drawing is simple, especially, if you are a starter.

8. Make contours with black ink. Try to make passage from a thin to a thick line while circling the drawing. This will make your drawing more professional.

9. Rub off excessive lines and paint the drawing. You can paint the clown just as it is done on the picture above.


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