Rebecca Kelley

How To Draw A Leprechaun

In Irish folklore, leprechauns are fairytale creatures. They are a kind of fairies that hide their pots with gold on the other end of a rainbow! According to the legend, if you manage to catch one of the leprechauns, he will fulfill 3 your wishes in exchange for his freedom. Sounds great! Do you want to know how to draw a leprechaun? We’ll tell you!

Your Actions

Draw an outline of a figure. It will be an outline of the leprechaun’s posture.

Make a sketch the way it is shown on the picture. Remember that leprechauns are small. They look like elves a little bit.

Draw the features of the face. Leprechauns usually have a beard and pointed ears.

Draw green clothes, a hat and a tobacco pipe. Orient yourself according to the suggested pictures.

Now, erase the pencil lines a bit and take paint of different colour and ink.

Colour your leprechaun. You may draw a pot with gold near him or a rainbow.


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