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How To Knit Mittens

Every woman should be able to knit mittens. Moreover, it is very easy to do it. Today you will see the classic scheme of how to knit mittens by using spokes. It is also suitable for beginners. Firstly, you need to learn how to knit the elastic band and mittens with a set of fingers, using a small pin.

Materials and tools:

  • Wool blend yarn - 1 roll;
  • Spokes (number 2.5) - 5 pieces;
  • Safety pin;
  • Hook;
  • Scissors.

How to knit mittens - scheme for beginners (using 5 spokes):

1. Firstly, make a set of stitches on 4 spokes. To do this, we collect 40 stitches on two spokes (you should get 40 stitches considering the first double stitch). Then, distribute the scored 40 stitches evenly on 4 spokes, obtaining 10 stitches on each spoke. Fold four spokes in square, stitches upward. At the same time, the extreme tail of thread (which was left from the set of stitches) meets with the working thread.

2. Begin to knit mittens by the fifth needle in the direction from the cuff to the fingers. Knit the first row with knit stitches. The subsequent rows will form the elastic cuff. Thus, knit the first four stitches of the first row to capture simultaneously the working thread and a thread tail by the fifth spoke. Thus, the end of the thread is silently entrenched, and you will only have to cut it off. Next, knit a series of knit stitches.

3. Knit subsequent rows with elastic band 2x2. The first 2 stitches will be purl, then the next 2 stitches are knit, then again 2 purl, 2 knit and so on. We continue to knit elastic band around, focusing on circuit "2 by 2".

4. Knit the elastic band until the cuff has reached a length of 3 cm. Then, we change the type of knitting - it will be a plain knitting. Knit continuous stitches. Add two stitches on each needle, so it will be enough place for the hands in the mittens. To add stitches before knitting, do two throws for each spoke.

5. Next, knit the knit stitches in a circle, trying on the mitten from time to time. If you knitted to the place where the thumb begins, knit the «finger». Each spoke has 12 stitches. Choose a spoke which will form the finger. Knit the first stitch of this spoke by a usual «front» method. Put the 10 subsequent stitches on a safety pin. Fasten the pin.

6. Collect 10 throws on the same needle and knit the latest spoke stitch (the 12th) by front method. A hole for the thumb is formed.

7. Next, knit the knit stitches in a circle until the length of gloves reaches the tip of the little finger (it is necessary to try it on!). Go to the knitting of the mitten’s triangle, which will be at its fingertip. Knit together the first two stitches by the twisted knit stitch. This stitch is very simple to knit: stick the right needle inside the stitch in direction from the right to the left. After taking the spoke through the back side of the stitch, catch a working thread and form a stitch out of it. This is a twisted knit stitch. Thus, you constantly reduce the number of stitches and form a triangular tip of the mitten.

8. When each spoke will have one stitch, cut off the working thread (leave about 10 cm) and hook it through all these stitches. Lay off the spokes. Now you have got a mitten (there is a hole instead of finger).

9. The finger of the mitten is very simple to knit. Collect 10 stitches from the pin by one spoke. Cling another 10 stitches to the second spoke (just hook 10 stitches located above the hole for the finger). Between these two spokes (upper and lower), cling 2 stitches on the sides around the hole from a cloth. Then, spread the resulting 24 stitches on 4 spokes.

10. Knit ordinary knit stitches by the fifth spoke - just like you knitted the whole mitten.

11. Try on the mitten. If you need to finish the finger, do the same triangle as you did before. The last thing you need to do is to pull the ends of the thread on the wrong side, fix them and trim.

12. Knit the second mitten in the same way. The mittens are ready!


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