Julianna Dunn

How To Draw An Anchor

If you want to learn drawing an anchor, follow the instructions given below.


1. Draw a ring. In order to draw a ring you need to draw a circle at first. Then, inside the ring, you need to draw a smaller ring. At the bottom, in the middle of the inner circle, draw a thin trapezium.

2. Under the outer circle, draw a thick cross.

3. Make both ends of the transverse slat wider. Make the lower half of the cross’ vertical part a bit wider. The stem is the vertical part of the cross. The crossbar is its horizontal part.

4. Draw a half moon in the lower part of the cross. It should be a bit wider than the crossbar.

5. In the middle of the half moon, draw a small triangle that is directed to the bottom. This is trend. Draw triangles on the both ends of the half moon. They should be directed on to the outside. This are the horns.

6. Draw the outline of the anchor according to the sketch.

7. Erase the outline lines.

8. Add colour.


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