Arya Willis

How To Draw Monsters

The monster is a scary creature, who usually appears in shockers and scary stories. This lesson will tell how to draw an abominable snowman and a monster in shape of a flying eye.

Abominable Snowman

1. Draw a square with rounded angles and add a reticle inside it. Then draw a square of bigger size, having made the upper part wider, than the bottom, and replace angles with smooth conjugacies instead of sharp junctures.

2. To draw hands, add two figures in form “of sausages”. Use curved strokes for feet and add a figure in form of letter “C” for feet.

3. Add details for its face. Draw two small circles for eyes. Add inside a circle of a smaller size and fill its part with black color. The shaded part will look as a crescent. Add the nose. Use two small circles for nostrils and an arc on their top for the nose. Draw the mouth with the help of a horizontal line and a triangle on each side for fangs. Add ears from each side of the head with the help of the shape in form of the letter “C”.

4. Draw hair, using small strokes, which form ridged shapes.

5. Draw hands and arms in detail. Use small strokes, which form a jagged line for hands to make them seem fuzzy. Drawing fingers, use form «of sausages» and a little figure of a semicircle on every finger for nails. Add several horizontal and slanted strokes on the monster's chest.

6. Use the same strokes as for hands to draw legs in order to make them look fuzzy as well. For feet, use shorter figures in form of letter “U”, then add toe nails with the help of small semicircles.

7. Rub off unnecessary lines.

8. Paint your drawing.

Flying Eye

1. Draw a circle. Attach triangular shapes from each side of the circle.

2. Draw a curve in the center of the circle and add another curved line lower to get a ridged shape.

3. Draw a pupil. Add inside it a small circle surrounded by two rows of separate lines. Draw a figure of a small shape in the top right corner of the eyes, where usually light is reflected. Add curved strokes in the upper and the lower limits of the eye to draw eyelids.

4. Draw a mouth. Add a zigzag across the mouth so that it would be like a row of pointed teeth.

5. Add details to wings, make their top sharp, but apply two curved lines to the bottom. Add a pair of overturned “V” on every wing.

6. Rub off unnecessary lines or draw them in detail, where you consider it necessary.

7. Paint your drawing.


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