Hayden Knight

How To Draw A Sunflower

To draw sunflowers properly, start with the stem and leaves, but first sketch the main contours of the flower. Make sure that you have the right proportions, now you can draw the petals of the sunflower.

1. The main outlines of a sunflower.

It is quite easy to draw a circle for the flower and outline in pencil the line of the stem.

2. Two rows of petals.

The core of the flower, which in mature sunflowers contains seeds, is quite big, so you need to draw inside it another smaller circle. Put few pencil strokes on the stem to mark where should be the leaves.

3. How to draw the sunflower’s petals.

To make sunflower’s petals symmetrical and neat draw two circles. Drawing in between them, you will receive even petals. They will be practically of the same size, and will be located strictly in a circle. The flower has a small "islet" in the center, connecting the sunflower with its stem. You should also draw it in a realistic manner.

4. Remove draft lines.

At this stage, you have to remove the unnecessary lines of the upper contour of the petals. Remove them carefully in order not to erase the freshly painted petals.

5. The sunflower’s stem and petals in detail.

Now you need to remove the draft lines of the bottom contour of the petals, and your sunflower flower is almost finished. Now paint the petals yellow, but it's better to do it at the last stage. Refine the sunflower’s stem and petals. There is nothing difficult about it. Paint leaves, their form is not so important, as the flower will attract the main attention.

6. Color the sunflower.

Sunflowers grow in fields in big groups; therefore, it’s better to paint your sunflower on the background of other smaller sunflowers. It will make the landscape more picturesque. When you paint the stem and leaves in green and the petals in bright yellow color, you will have a fine picture.

7. A picture of a sunflower in color.

A picture of a sunflower can be used as a drawing pattern to color with paints or crayons.


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