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How To Draw Sharks

First of all, in drawing of a shark it needs to catch aggressive and predatory spirit so it shouldn’t look like a good-natured dolphin. Perhaps, this scheme of stage-by-stage drawing of a shark will be more pleasant to you, so try to realize it.

1. Rough sketch of shark contours.

It is absolutely simple to draw such contours. You may even use a ruler for this purpose. These contours will help you to draw the overall shape of a trunk of this animal more precisely. By the way, shark is not an animal, but fish. Though, this fish looks like whales, dolphins, killer whales, seals and others, they, as distinct from sharps, are mammals.

2. The general outlines of the top fin and tail.

On this step initial contours already turn into outlines of fish, but we are not near to a realistic shark yet. By the way, the shark is forced to move all the life constantly. It is impossible for it to stop even for a minute, because its blood circulation is arranged in such a way. Perhaps maybe that’s why it is so angry.

3. How to draw fins.

Begin to draw a back fin, after that it is necessary to draw the top and lower fin. It is a little bit more difficult to draw a shape of forward part of the shark, but if you look close, there is nothing much to draw especially. All sharks look almost equally, the only difference is the size and coloring. The biggest white shark is up to 9 meters long. This shark is the most dangerous to human beings. The very fact that shark’s jaws are six times stronger than wolf ones puts sharks in a special class.

4. Drawing of the shark is almost finished.

First of all, erase initially planned outlines which have become superfluous now, draw an eye and other fine details. Perhaps, you will need "to correct" the general contour. That is still possible at this stage of drawing.

5. Final stage of drawing.

You have needed no elaborate drawings on this step. You only need to draw the sharp lower teeth and to indicate a dividing line between back and belly parts of the shark. This line shouldn't be ideally smooth, place it on the sharp image in an arbitrary manner, without strongly pressing a pencil.

6. Drawing of a shark, using a plain pencil.

It would not even need to paint a picture in colours with paints. Grayscale shades of plain pencil will be quite suitable for coloring of shark’s skin.

7. Vivid coloring of the picture, underwater land.

To arrange our picture so that it would look much more realistic, the shark can be not painted with colored pencils, but sea background can be made in color. It is possible to draw a flock of brightly painted small fishes near the shark.


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