Daleyza George

How To Draw Fairies

Today we learn how to draw a fairy with a pencil. The fairy is a mythological creature who has come to us from the Western European folklore. Stories about fairies were passed on by word of mouth. There was a belief that these pretty enchantresses are capable of making any tricky hanky-panky: they can fix your things hiding from your eyes, or tangle your hair. It is difficult to even imagine it looking at such a lovely winged girl. After all, usually, it is an image of the tiny and smart girl with a magic wand from which we all wait for creation of a kind miracle. So, here we will try to draw her precisely in this form. How to draw the fairy? Let us come, though, to our work.

First step. Draw a circle –it will be the head. Draw On an auxiliary cross with two horizontal lines on a face. It will help you to draw the face in details later. And then create some axial lines of a trunk: a short neck, rather narrow shoulders, a curved backbone, hands with palms and a pelvis. Draw the legs which are almost get together below. Show a knee joint in the middle of each leg in the form of a small circle. On the place of a foot there should be two circles.

Second step. Draw a pair of big eyes between two horizontal auxiliary lines: eyelids, line of eyelashes, pupils. The lower point of the vertical line has to touch the chin. Based on this, draw a rounded line below from the circle. And show a small ear sideways. You already know how to draw an ear: it has to begin from the level of the eyes and be over at the level of the nose. From above you may show a twisting bang of your fairy.

Third step. Draw a lower eyelid and an eyebrow which is not covered by the bang. Plan the neck lines passing into the hand. Upward diagonal from them there should be the line of a wing (similar to swan wings). Then continue to draw fairy's hair on the top.

Fourth step. There should be a gentle smile on the fairy's face. Great bushes of hair are above and around the head. Show the wing from behind the head: it should be rather narrow and a little pointed above. Finish drawing the second wing from two parts: the top is more extended, but the lower part is roundish. Dress the fairy in a corset.

Fifth step. Our present task is to finish drawing hands. Show thin fingers on the palms. In the right hand draw the magic wand for the fairy could work wonders. And from a short skirt we draw zigzags, zigzags, zigzags down.

Sixth step. Just a little ways farther. You should trace fingers of the second hand. Continue lines of legs down along already drawn axial lines.

Seventh step. Show the second fairy's leg. And now draw a pointed cone below from circles which are on the place of foot to receive a small graceful leg.

Eighth step. Now then, take an eraser and erase all auxiliary lines carefully. You can outline eyes and wings so they look a little more brightly.


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