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How To Draw A Fish

The fish is a very beautiful creature, which is very interesting to watch and, especially, to draw. One must definitely know features of structure of the fish in order to make its image realistic. One can draw these creatures from nature or from a photograph. First, one can learn to draw common fish, for instance, a river bass.

How To Draw A Fish

Before one begins to work, one needs to prepare the following:

  • water-colors;
  • aquarelle pencil;
  • a round brush with synthetic pile No 3;
  • a pencil;
  • a rubber;
  • a receptacle with water;
  • a (black) liner or a gel pen.

Now one can start to draw a fish:

1. Draw the outline of the bass's body with a pencil;

2. Draw fins of the fish;

3. Depict the small tail;

4. Draw its eyes, gills and a mouth;

5. Picture fins in greater detail;

6. Run contours of the drawing with the pen;

7. Erase the pencil sketch with the rubber;

8. Moisten the sheet of paper around the fish with water, and then paint it in blue;

9. Paint the eye of the fish with brown color, the fins – with a yellow one. Paint the bass's body with a mixture of green and brown colors;

10. Wait until the drawing dries. Then shade the bass's body with different tints of a green color. Draw stripes on its body with a dark- brown pencil. Tint lightly the eyes of the fish with red-brown color;

11. Tint the upper fin with green and brown colors, and there is the rest for the yellow and orange colors. Paint the tail, using dark-yellow and orange tints.

The drawing of a river bass is completely ready!


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