Brynlee Obrien

How To Draw A Pig

To draw a pig and a piggy is very easy. Even children can do it. However, before you start drawing pigs, we recommend you to watch them in reality or on photos.

First, you need:

  • a sheet of paper;
  • a pencil;
  • an eraser.

After you have prepared everything, you can start drawing.

Draw an inverted oval.

Sketch the pig’s head close to the oval, as shown on the picture.

Draw active lines of the pig's head, depicting the nose and mouth.

Draw the pig's ears and eyes.

Add the fore feet and belly.

Draw the hind feet, tail, and back. Remember that pigs are cloven-footed animals.

Sketch another oval next to the pig and draw the head of the piggy.

Draw active outlines of the piggy’s head, adding the important details, such as the ears, snout, mouth and eyes.

Draw the piggy’s feet.

Now you can draw the hooves and the tail.

Add the landscape that surrounds the pig and the piggy.

Erase the unnecessary sketch lines on their bodies.

Gently hatch both figures.

The picture of the pig and the piggy is ready.


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