Claire Mitchell

How To Draw A Human Nose

Today you are going to learn how to draw a nose with a pencil step by step. There are many different types of noses. Take a look at the picture below where a nose is depicted from different angles.

You are to draw three different noses at once. A snub, a straight, and a little bent down.

Draw a circle for the tip of the nose.

Draw two curves for the bridge.

Depending on what type of nose you depict draw two smaller circles for the nose alae. Male nose is usually larger than female. Moreover, you can’t draw a perfect nose because everyone has his own image of a perfect nose in his mind. It also depends on the other facial features as well as on the person’s culture and nationality.

Make the lines a bit lighter with an eraser. Draw the nose’s outline. Pay special attention to the nose alae.

Make some shading. Use a 2H or НВ pencil to highlight the nose’s shape. The source of light here is left and above the nose, so make the right side of the nose darker.

Do cross-hatching to finish the shading. Use 2H or НВ pencils for making the light shades and 4B pencils for the dark ones. You only need to decide where to place the light and the shade. If you use few contrasting shades, the drawing will look flat. That’s why you should use a wide range of shades if a person has a small nose.

Step back a little and take a look at your drawing. Add some shades if needed.


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