Callie Pierce

How To Draw Michael Jackson

Step 1: Let’s draw the basic lines and forms (carcass) of Michael Jackson: a circle for the head, directrixes of the face, a circle for the body, lines for arms, hands, and legs. Do it the way it is shown on the picture.

Step 2: Let’s start sketching the form and a particular style of Jackson’s hat. We also sketch the part of the face that will peep out of the hat.

Step 3: we go on working on the hat. We make it more detailed. Then, we draw the hair that peeps out of the hat. After that, we draw an ear and get to the next step.

Step 4: Let’s mark the hair on the back of the head. Then, we start sketching the white singlet that Michael wore under his black jacket. Do not forget to add creases on the singlet. Thus you’ll add more dynamics into the picture.

Step 5: Draw over the black jacket and draw a stretching out left hand. Add creases on the jacket.

Step 6: Now, let’s start sketching the trousers and creases on them. Do not forget to draw Michael with his famous gesture!

Step 7: This is when we finish working on trousers. We draw the shoes and a glove on the right hand. Then, we start erasing all the lines we drew on the first step.

Step 8: That’s all! The picture of Michael Jackson is ready! You need to necessarily add hatching the way it is shown on the picture!


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