Giselle Richards

How To Draw A Bird

If you do not know how to draw a bird, find the help here! For this purpose, this wonderful lesson "How to draw a bird" with the help of a simple pencil is prepared.

It is not a penguin or a flamingo, which are taken as an example, although they are birds too, but a simple wood bird is used as an example.

So, with what one needs to start one`s drawing. First of all, mark the bird's head and body on your sheet of paper with the help of thin lines. Then, mark out the bird's beak, wings, tail and paws.

In the third stage, detalize the head more clearly, draw an eye and come over gradually to the back and belly. In the fourth stage, special attention should be given to wings` feathering and paws, try to draw each feather as much in detail as it is possible.

In two final stages, detalize the drawing to the maximum, take away all extra details, select shading, that`s all, the drawing is ready!

Hopefully, you liked our drawing and now you know, how to draw a bird.


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