Paisley Edwards

Origami Car

Every boy loves playing with cars. Make a car of such triangular modules or several cars, and prepare for the race. Modular origami car can be made with paper of different colours to your liking.

1. Front part of the car.

  • Row 1 - 9 modules.
  • Row 2 - 10 modules.
  • Row 3 - 11 modules.
  • Row 4 - 12 modules.
  • Row 5 - 11 modules and then use 12-11 in turns up to row 12.
  • Row 13 - place 9 modules on the shorter side as shown.

2. Place on 2 outermost parts modules 1-2. Follow this pattern for 15 rows.

3. Making car seats. Put 8 modules into the center and fix them. Continue for 11 rows.

4. Back part of the car. Place modules 2-1 from the sides for 6 rows. Put 9 modules into the center and fix them. Continue for 5 rows.

5. Join all the parts together.

6. Make a footrest under the seats.

7. Attach it to the car.

8. Shape the car body.

9. Roof assembly. Use module 1 in each row. Put each module on the outermost corner. There should be 13 rows. Put 6 modules in the center and fix them by making another row. There should be 9 rows of 9 modules altogether.

Place 5 lines of 16 modules each in the centre. Keep on using modules 1-2 on each side for 16 rows. Join them.

10. Put together car body and roof.

11. Correct the car shape.

12. Making car wheels. Take 6 black and 6 while modules, place them facing the shorter side and join in a usual circle. Reverse it and make 3 rows.

13. Join the wheels using a paper tube.

14. Place the car body on the wheels and glue joints. Modular car is complete.


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