Paisley Edwards

Origami Pikachu

This is the most memorable Pokémon that is loved by many children all over the world. And no wonder it is, since it was created by a team of professional cartoon makers. It looks like a mouse and hair at the same time. Such a charming animal.

To make an origami Pikachu, you will need three squares, one square per head, body and tail. The model is almost flat, unlike a DIY fir tree that consists of several modules. This Pokémon will look good if attached to a card, photo frame or pinned to a wall.

Making the head. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it in half four times. Unfold it.

Fold it into a ‘double square’.

Place the square with the crease side up. Fold the adjacent sides. Unfold the creases. Fold the bottom corner of the upper layer, thus making a diamond.

Flip over the paper. Do the same of the other side.

Fold the upper layer corner downwards.

Make a trapezium by folding the corners. Flip the paper over and rotate it by 180° (with ears up).

Mark the left corner crease and bend it.

Fold the lower layer upwards.

Flip over the paper.

Fold down the upper part. Flip the corner of the outer triangle. Then fold up the whole outer layer and fold it inside.

Fold up the left ear and make a crease at its base. Now the ear is facing slightly to the right.

Flip over the head and make a similar crease at the base of the second ear.

An electric Pokémon is distinguished by very sensitive ears to coordinate and orientate well in any situation.

Make a body out of the second square. Mark the middle vertical line.

Fold the side creases (door-type fold). Fold the ‘doors’ in half and unfold. Fold the top and bottom lines towards the center.

Fold all the angles of the creases.

Open the right side of the paper and fold it by bending up the upper triangle and bending down the lower triangle.

Fold both triangles to the right.

Do the same to the left side of the model. Here is the result:

Fold the right bottom corner down.

Fold the right top corner downwards using lines shown in the picture above.

Check the result. Fold the right top paw. Fold the second paw up and bend the corner that sticks out.

Turn over the model.

Fold the lower part.

Turn it over. Make the third paw.

Make the fourth paw, using the pattern.

Here is the result:

So we have made a head and a body for DIY Pikachu using yellow squares. All that we have to do now is to make a lightning-shaped tail.

Cut the corner of the third square. Fold the triangle lengthwise and unfold. Fold the sides to the centre.

Fold the corner so that it would not stick out.

Fold the corner inside.

Fold the tail lengthwise. Shape it to look like a lightning by folding it.

Put all the parts together. Our little yellow animal is complete.


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