Helga Pataki

How to DIY Beautiful Marbling Mugs

BeaYou will need:

  • ceramic mugs (white or even black)
  • different colors of nail polish
  • plastic container
  • warm water
  • wooden skewers or toothpicks 
  • nail polish remover
  • towels 

Sometimes it happens you need a present for your friend. You don't have time or even mood for shopping. You are tired from work, everything you want - just take yourself to the sofa. I will give you great opportunity to relax, to spend your time effectively and how to spend less money for a present (you will spend time playing with your imagination, crafting and relaxing)

I bought my mugs at Target Store, you can go and buy at Homegoods.  I took white color but you can take a black one. Don't be afraid, they will not be black after marbling.

I clean my table, took a plastic container (disposable pan will work gods, because it will get ruined). You should try before how it fits this container. 

I filled a half with warm water. I got all mine polish and objects lined up in advance because this is a quick process. By the way I'd suggest you work in a covered area and you might want a skewer or toothpick to help blend colors to create a marble effect. It didn't seem to matter what type of polish I used, but I did avoid glitter polish. 

Choose colors you want to blend, pour one nail polish into the surface of the water, adding more or less depending on if you'd like more or less white to show through your marble pattern. 
Working super quickly, dip your mug in the water.

Remove your mug from the water and use nail polish remover to remove any excess on the bottom and inside of the mug. You can play with a process, if you want the mug fully marbled, put inside all over in the water, or if you want just the top, put only a half. 
Carefully let the mug dry and pot it with a paper towel. 

On ceramic you can easily remove any paint you don't like with nail polish remover. This is a great trick if you are not happy with the pattern.

You can experiment with different colors, other objects - it is great if you'll do the same with plates :)


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