Dawn Brown

Art Therapy: How to Avoid Stress

I noticed that many people are becoming crazy with anti-stress apps for smartphones or bizarre colorings bought in bookstores. I guess, popularity of this kind of art starts gaining just recently.

Art therapy - treatment of art, or rather you draw yourself and your problems, then psychologist analyzes your pic; or you use colorings and only choose your palette. Well, psychologists are not popular among some people according to their financial situation or personal comfort, that’s why people do the art therapy themselves.

Now let’s learn what the art therapy exactly is and how it helps avoid stress.

1. Passion for hypnotic patterns.

Yes, there’s something clever in this idea, though the best effect happens when you don’t paint, but draw own patterns. In that moment you’re completely disconnected from the outside world and keen on inventing the squiggles. For those who don’t have time for drawing patterns, buth wish to disconnect from all that is happening around, there black-and-white colorings to fill in with colors. That's how they look.

Cool? Now you have to paint! There are many websites where you can download and print the pictures ready for coloring. If stress at work, why not do it during the break.

2. Mandalas.

Of course, it is possible to draw a mandala, but it’s easier to reproduce. If you paint a mandala, you might take unexpected harmony and +100 points of karma.

3. Cats therapy.

This kind of art therapy just embarrassed me. Dear friends, we reject our kitties and start coloring drawn ones. I do not know how your pet will react to what is happening. People involved in art therapy for a long time say: ‘painting of cats has a great influence on the spiritual condition, improves mood and reduces stress’. Probably the way it is, but there’s nothing to replace a fluffy kitty. Maybe, only the kitties’ choir!

4. Mobile apps.

Something like Colorfy. You may find many analogues. This may seem silly, but in fact you need not do anything. Just choose a favorite sketch and fill it with colors. It's simple, the only thing that there are restrictions: some colors are free and others are paid. Does it work? You won’t understand, until you get stucked for an hour or two.

Or do it in Van Gogh's style, like this.

These are crazy pictures obtained in the application, but you can do this not only with a smartphone. Once you print your black-and-white sketch and fill it with your favorite colors, it will glow better than the pictures in the app. The choice is yours!

Completing a short article, I want to say that art therapy is not nonsense, but it’s not a cure. Art therapy is about reaching harmony and personal development. Maybe this will help you to understand all this life chaos just here and now.


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