Erica Hal

Amazing Ways to Decorate Mason Jars for Halloween

Halloween! Everything that can be decorated, should be decorated! Let's check out these amazing jars decoration ideas to use this Halloween!

String Light Jar

It's hard to be spooked out by a skeleton when it's got a cute little bow on its head!

Ghost Lantern

Boo! This ghost Mason jar ghost lantern is adorably easy.

Candle Holders

Use these elegant Mason jars to add some glam to your Halloween party's buffet table.

Spooky Sticks Centerpiece

Spray-paint backyard sticks black and arrange in a Mason jar for a dark and moody centerpiece.

Spooky Spiders

Add a touch of creepy to your desk with these dangling plastic spiders.

Mini Cakes.

The hardest part of this recipe? Trying to figure out which cute character is your favourite.

Ghost Votives

White paint + googly eyes + LED tea lights = one ghoulish Halloween craft.

Skull-Topped Jar

Light up Halloween night with these glow-in-the-dark skull-topped Mason jars. Best of all, you can craft them in just four easy steps.

Halloween Floats

Though the dry ice is optional, these floats are best with soda, a big scoop of ice cream, and a howling marshmallow ghost.


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