Dawn Brown

Your Inner Artist: 4 Ways to Express Yourself

Maybe in elementary school you were said: “You’re not painting well”. Perhaps in high school or college you gave up on yourself and your creativity. But it’s not a reason to hide and block your creativeness and sense of beauty. Let’s wake up your inner artist together! Here I propose 4 best painting practices to try if you want to show up your creative origin or just find yourself in something new and original.


I always thought painting to be very formal and strict kind of art. People study for years before learning all the techniques in painting. They are taught that without studying there’s no beautiful image. But actually, we can learn how to paint by admiring other’s paintings. Search through the internet or go to the museum, look attentively into how and what makes the paintings so stunning. Watercolor is a nice way to understand yourself and express your deep intensions across crisp white pages. It’s sensitive and may have a huge amount of variations and techniques. You just drown into an amazing mess of colors and color mixes. Watercolor is a rainbow for your inner artist helping to achieve the heaven of creativity.

Hand Lettering

Nowadays it may be hard for many people to remember how often they really hand write anything on paper. Computers have taken the place of notebooks and typing has taken over the art of lettering. It’s fantastic how creative you can get by taking a step away from technology.

You don’t have to be much attentive and accurate to go in for hand lettering. Every art inspiration comes from the inside. So just feel that intension and pour it down on the paper. Different letters’ pattern and flourishes will come to your mind in the same moment. Don’t forget to think over what you are going to write about. It may be a quote, love declaration or just some meaningful word for you.


Sketching is where so many ideas are originated from. Designs, paintings, and installations probably all started from a sketch of some sort. It’s essential to feel the combination of black and white (though you can use other dark colors in sketching), thin lines and plain forms. You can start from copying other’s pictures to learn basic patterns. In my mind the process of sketching seems to be a metamorphosis. It’s an opportunity to sharpen out your ideas until they are perfect.


You know, many teens make collages from fashion magazines using this for school projects or just as a hobby. You can try this too. Just take a magazine and flip through pages looking for the first thing that could catch your eye. Cut out more bright and beautiful pieces and put them together in some creative form. Again, think about what form you want to see and listen to the inner promptings of your body and mind. Travelling, surfing and photography will develop your creativity in collaging very well. 


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