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How to Cut Fruits Properly

You can use lots of tools to peel and cut fruits. Though many people do this by means of a simple knife, even if it means to make just a juicy mess out of a fresh delicious fruit.

What if you’re said that the way you cut fruits all your life, was wrong? Researches say that the way we present food influences a lot its taste and even usefulness. This post will teach you how to peel and cut fruits in order to save their beautiful appearance, juice and taste. These techniques are pretty important while serving fruits or making table decorations. It’ll help you save time, strengths and plenty of sweet juice and flesh!


These little fluffy kiwi fruits are mad to peel, because the skin is so incredibly thin!

Start by cutting off both ends. Next take a regular spoon and place it in between the fruit and the skin. Slide the spoon down and in both sides of a fruit. Or you can just peel the both ends one by one, very carefully.

The skin will easily separate from the fruit and you can put it off. 

This way you lose hardly any fruit at all.


The trick about avocado is simple: slice the fruit while it's still in its skin, and then gently pull the slices out with a spoon. It's so easy!

You can also do exactly the opposite: put a thin metal spoon (a larger soup spoon is perfect) between the flesh and skin of an avocado half to loosen it, then push out the intact avocado half out onto a cutting board. From there you can slice it.


Pomegranate is truly awful in peeling; but it’s so tasty! This easy trick will help you open pomegranates with keeping your hands clean.

With a sharp knife, slice 1/4-inch off of the stem end of the pomegranate. The pomegranate's blossom end, the one that looks like a crown, should be on top. Now cut it round too.

Use your knife to cut along the ridges along both sides of pomegranate. You should make about 6 cuts. If you can't feel the insides, don't worry, just make several gentle cuts in the skin.

Use your fingers to carefully open the pomegranate. It should open easily, exposing the seeds. Put out seeds into a big bowl and enjoy!


The best way to do it is to start first with a ripe, but still firm fruit, not to make a mess.

Cut mango in three parts. You should end up with three pieces: two halves, and a middle section that includes the pit.

Use a knife to make lengthwise and crosswise cuts in it, but try not to cut through the peel. Look at those funny cut segments sticking out like a hedgehog!

Next carefully cut the pieces away from the peel. Better use a thin knife.

Take the mango piece with the pit; lay it flat on the cutting board. Use a paring knife to cut out the pit and remove the peel.

Cherry Tomatoes Idea

Place them between two plate bottoms and push the knife through!

Limes Idea

Cut into 4 pieces like so for maximum juice!


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