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How To Cook Corn On The Cob

Boiled corn on the cob is a seasonal treat. You have only one or two summer months to enjoy it. Young corn is considered the most delicious and juicy. Its kernels are full of sticky fluid resembling to milk.

Before cooking the corn, you should be able to select it correctly. Fresh cobs have dense green husks. If the corns lack green husks, it is better to abstain from buying it. Kernels should be light yellow and be in tight, symmetric rows. Black, damaged spots on kernels indicate that they are affected by a pest. It’s better not to use such cobs for food.


  • corn on the cob-6-8 pieces;
  • water-4 liters

Husk the corn removing all the leaves. Take off the silk.

The cooking pan should have a thick bottom. This can be an enameled, cast-iron or aluminum pan of a large diameter. Line the bottom of your pan with washed husks. Cover the entire bottom of you pan. The more husks you use, the more your corn will be juicier and smelly. Discard them after the corns are cooked.

Place the corncobs in the pan. If there is not enough place - cut or break them into pieces. Cover them with a layer of husks.

Go on filling the pan alternating layers of cobs and husks.

Don’t add salt while cooking. It will make your cobs even sweeter, if you add salt, the kernels will become hard and thus, difficult to bite. Fill the pan with cold water. Water should be 2cm (1inch) above the content. Cover it with a plate placed upside down to prevent your corns from bobbing up.

Heat to boil.

How Long To Boil Corn

The cooking time of corn depends on its degree of ripeness and variety. Cooking time is counted after the water starts boiling. It takes 15 minutes to cook young corn. Yes, exactly 15 minutes, we checked it. Personally I leave corn in the pan for another 30 minutes after it is cooked.


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