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Heart-shaped Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are made for the perfect charm to hang above our beds to protect our hopes and dreams as we sleep, from fears and disturbing thoughts. Although today dreamcatcher is a nice décor item for your home. It’s not necessary to bring home traditional one, with feathers and laces. Activate your creativity and do yourself an unusual rainbow dreamcatcher from threads and beads to protect your family’s sleep and fine humor. Making it was a kind of challenge for me, that’s why think if you’re skilled enough in crafting.

No matter, here it is!

Materials: embroidery hoop, coat hanger, wool, threads (yarn/embroidery), beads, fabric glue, felt, string.

Use pliers to move away one part of the coat hanger and bend to make a heart shape. We use coat hanger instead of a wire as it’s super steady and holds the shape perfectly. Make heart of a medium size, but not too little.

Then wrap the wire heart in yarn threads, secure the ends with fabric glue. Try to choose the neutral color of a thread not to make a contrast with other parts of the artwork.

Next step: holding the heart with one hand start looping your wool around hoop and heart. Put the heart in the place you think to be perfect for it: center of the hoop or left and right sides. It’s just your creativity.

When you have looped threads all around the items, introduce one strip of a contrast color on the one side (any you want). Again fix your wool ends with fabric glue. You’d better not knot the threads to keep a clean and streamlined look of the dreamcatcher.

Next add beads to the heart! Better if they are small, round or oval, made of wood or plastic. Try not to use metal beads to save truly boho charms in your dreamcatcher.

The final step is adding the hanging strings. You can use an ordinary butchers twine, looping three lengths around the bottom of the hoop. Again secure the ends together with glue to avoid any ugly knots and hide the joins.

After that just add beads, mini pom-poms, tiny hearts and buttons cut from the craft felt. Use also felt accessories: leaves, flowers, butterflies, to add tender chic to your artwork. Actually, they are available on any craft store, but I prefer to cut out things and shapes that personally I want to be on my dreamcatcher.

Leave your dreamcatcher to dry for night. Then just hang it in your bedroom… and never see bad dreams!

Lucky crafting!

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