DIY from seashells

It's a summer now and many of us will see the sea or ocean very soon! And kids (many adults also) really love to take seashells at home. You can create many nice things handmade using seashells! Here are some of them with master-class about how to do them handmade! Choose yours and let's begin!

1. Handmade topiary from seashells

 Materials you will need: 

- seashells; 

- glue gun; 

- paper; 

- thread; 

- potty; 

- gypsum; 

- water; 

- a wooden stick; 

- ribbon or lace. 

Work process:

1. For the topiary, you need to prepare the ball. Each needlewoman can find her way of making the base. It is easier to crumple paper, and then glue the ball with newspaper or threads using PVA. 

2. Now proceed to pasting the shells on the threads using an adhesive gun. 

3. When you reach the middle, insert a wooden stick into the ball - the trunk of the tree from the shells. 

4. Dilute the gypsum in water and pour into the pot. Insert into it our future tree and wait for the plaster to grasp. 

5. Start decorating. The trunk of the topiary can be wrapped with lace or ribbon, put beautiful stones or beads in the pot. The decoration of crafts depends on your imagination. 

2. Handmade flower pot decor of seashells

For our crafts from shells we will need: 

- seashells; 

- sealant; 

- glue; 

- pot with stand; 

- the cloth; 

- stones; 

- the rolling pin. 

Work process:

1. You will need whole shells of approximately the same size, as well as broken shells. 

2. Wrap the broken shells in a rag and roll them into small pieces. 

3. Lubricate the pot with a sealant and sprinkle with powder. 

4. Also decorate the pot. 

5. When the powder grabs, begin to glue the pebbles and whole shells on the pot. 

3. Handmade bowl decorated with seashells 

Materials you will need: 

- wooden plate; 

- seashells; 

- putty; 

- a sponge; 

- acrylic paint; 

- a hammer. 

Work process: 

1. Think in advance the drawing in order to properly arrange the seashells. 

2. To make a plate without emptiness, break some shells with a hammer. 

3. Lay the shells on the surface of the plate and apply a putty on top of them. 

4. Wet the sponge in water and rinse the putty completely off the shells. It turns out that the shells peep out of the white mass. 

5. The product will dry for 24 hours. In addition, it can be decorated with stones or beads.


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