General knitting tips for everyone-2

Recently I decided to write the few articles for knitters.  Below I list some knitting tips that may be useful for beginners, experienced knitters, and all handmade lovers.

If the line of your circular needles is too rough and twisted, leave it in boiling water for few seconds, and it will become soft again.

If you knit the last 2-3 rows of the sweater collar with wider knitting needles, then edge will be better stretched.

If you knit a product from a very dark or black yarn, put a white handkerchief to avoid straining your eyes.

If you knitting a jacket with a V-neck and a solid neck throat, then relay the loops on the pin and sew the work after finishing the knitting. Then imperceptibly sew it to the shelf, and such welt will be very tidy.

Keep the knitting needles in the same package in which they were sold. If you forget their number, you can always check it on the package.

If you want to use the rest of the yarn for a patchwork quilt, then knit them across. In this case, you will have the pieces of the same size.

Patterns associated with oblique pullovers, jackets should not be too complicated. Choose a pattern, consisting of rectangles, otherwise, you may be difficulties with adding and decreasing.

Do you like knitting purl loops? Then for garter stitching, do only the purl loops.

If you cross the purl loops, you can get interesting patterns. Knit the 2nd loop from the left knitting needle before the 1st loop, do not lower the loop from the knitting needle, now tie the 1st loop and lower both loops.

If you knit a pullover across, the sleeves and the strips should be made separately. They can be linked with an ordinary sew or with the loopy sew.

If you sew buttons with the thin rubbing, instead of a thread, then the knitted fabric will suffer less. Pictures taken from: http://www.knittingtipsbyjudy....


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