Wooden swings for the garden

We made a garden swing for our younger child. There are two types of swings – with horizontal fixing, and with vertical fixing.

Horizontal swings - such models are familiar for every person since childhood. They are formed from the long bars that have a foothold in the middle. In order to swing two kids should be approximately the same weight. All members of a small family may have rest there all together.

The swing with a vertical fixing is designed for individual use.

Master class how to make the swing

You can make the wooden swing from with your own hands. Think about the design and purpose in advance. The whole family may take part in the construction of a handmade swing. Ideas how to design the handmade swing are highly desirable.


Wooden bars of 100x100 or 50x100 mm;

The planks for the construction of a seat.  

Chain or strong rope with carbine;

Solution of concrete;

Nails and self-tapping screws;

Metal corners.

Tools: a hacksaw, a hammer, a drill, a tape measure and a screwdriver. Once everything is prepared, you can begin the main work process, which consists of the following stages:

Preparation of a carrier base

Vertical bars are fixed on a lower frame. Dimensions of the bars are set in accordance with the size of the seat. The optimal dimensions are the following: depth - 60 cm and length - 180 cm. The frame should be slightly wider than the seat, about 50 cm. This condition is necessary for better stability and reliability of the entire structure.

Seat manufacture

You should manufacture two frames - one for seating, and the second one for backrest. These frames are made to fix the plywood or planks - it depends on the design you chose. The seat is connected to the back with metal corners.

The wooden seat will be hard, so you can put a pair of pads to seat comfortable on it. You can sew pads yourself, or to buy the ready patchwork pads. You can sew the handmade pads of different colors, and change them from time to time. Enjoy your family-made swing! Pictures were taken from:


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