How to knit the bolero for girl

Knitting of a bolero is a quite interesting and attractive handmade project. This small detail makes happy every girl. Knitted bolero will compliment both the school pinafore dress and the elegant dress. I think it will look good even with the most beautiful dress. If you knit the bolero from the warm wool or cashmere, it will help your daughter to stay in warmth in the cool evening.

You will need 100-150 g of yarn, and no matter how old the girl is.

Knitting the bolero in the circle will be more quickly and easy. Firstly knit the back of the bolero. Gain a chain of 69 air loops and knit a rectangular piece of 16 cm high according to the chosen scheme.

Then knit the left shelf according to the chosen pattern. Form a chain of 43 loops, don't forget to knit the lifting loop. Then knit 10 cm according to a pattern.

To make this bolero look mellowy and romantic, follow these tips when knitting the edges of the sleeves:

  • Knit every fourth row with the yarn over. The third row should be followed with the columns with the yarn overs.
  • After you knit all details, you have to sew the details together, to perform side and shoulder seams and to form the seams. You can also make the narrow ruches on the perimeter.

If you wish, you can decorate the bolero with the beads, handmade flowers or lacing closure. You can knit and sew the bolero even in one day.

A little bit about the history of bolero: bolero was firstly mentioned as an element of decoration for toreadors and a national element of cloth. Women liked this element of costume and modified it. Bolero patterns became more feminine and romantic. Now it is a detail of wardrobe which is admired by woman of all ages.

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