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How to Choose Handmade Hobby

After all, sometimes it’s difficult to understand what I like. What am I exactly talented in?

Know how to answer this question? Just try everything! Well, almost everything.

Until you try, you don’t know what handmade activity is perfect for you.

Search for handmade workshops near you, and sign up for one of them. Trust me, such events always get more joyful than you expect. It’s very truthful, when it’s a completely new type of activity for you.

Some people find a way out of the comfort zone in a new handmade hobby. Others hope to change their lives and make it full of happy emotions of creating something new and exclusive.

In this article, I will briefly tell you abut modern popular handmade activities. And it’s not only about knitting and embroidery. I’m sure you've tried it. There arte much more other exciting and interesting kinds of creativity.

1. Decoupage.

This is an amazing technique in which you can transform the most ordinary things in modern art masterpieces. Decoupage is actively used for decoration of household goods, furniture and even appliances, also creating exclusive souvenirs. Experienced masters combine with decoupage other techniques, such as the aging patina and craquelure.

2. Scrapbooking.

This is a special technique of decorating greeting cards, photo albums, boxes and other little creative things. It’s a paperwork. Exclusive crafts in scrapbooking technique became very popular among souvenirs and handmade gifts. Millions of people all over the world dream about paper, scissors and glue, so maybe you should join them?

3. Carving.

Carving is possible with absolutely any material, from wood to watermelon. Just take a knife and be perfect!

4. Quilling.

Another new trend in handmade world! Quilling is twisting multicolored paper strips in various fantastic shapes to create amazing paper compositions. This hobby does not require lots of money and supplies, but will need a great perseverance and patience.

5. Felting.

Very old handmade activity arisen in a modern world. Felting - this is a very interesting technique of felting wool. You will need a special needle and special wool. As a result, you can create a lot of different things, from toys to clothes or accessories.

6. Polymer clay.

This material was invented a long time ago. But only nowadays it was re-discovered as the material for arts. Polymer clay is similar to clay, but after heat influence it becomes strong as plastic. This is an opportunity to feel a sculptor! And you can create all that your imagination will propose you.

7. Patchwork.

Patchwork is truly interesting. The peculiarity of this technique is that you need to sew scraps in a specific pattern to let the proper pattern figure in. Very patient and attentive people are in love with patchwork, and it’s worth it.

8. Handmade jewelry (accessories).

Maybe all your life you were in love with fashion, but fashion didn’t accept you. Now prove everyone how beautiful and stylish things you can create! Handmade jewelry can be invented almost from the all possible materials. Use the imagination. Feel the colors.

Realize and fulfill yourself with a new hobby! Good luck


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