Keira Greene

Crochet Shawls

Here are some simple patterns for crochet knitting, which will help you to knit a beautiful and elegant shawl (you can decorate it with lush tassels or with interesting harness).

Even the beginners will be able to work with these patterns, which are also suitable for knitting summer tops or pareos, openwork tippets or ponchos, and, of course, warm or light blouses, decorative pillows, openwork plaids as well as lace skirts that are in trend this season.

1. Very simple openwork crochet shawl (pattern with columns).

2. A very simple crochet shawl (pattern with lush columns).

To create lush columns (which are depicted as ovals at this scheme), do one throw, pulling a loop of a required length and then left this loop on a hook unattached. Then do another throw, pulling a same-length loop from a base loop. Do a third throw, pulling another loop form a base one, repeat it for fourth and fifth time and then knit all the loops on a hook altogether.

3. Crochet shawl (star pattern).

4. Bulk semicircular crochet shawl.

5. Openwork crochet shawl (diamond pattern).

6. Crochet shawl (pattern with lush columns).

7. Simple crochet shawl (scale pattern).

8. Another version of star pattern for crochet shawl knitting.

9. Simple openwork shawl (pattern with columns).

10. Thick openwork crochet shawl (pattern with columns).


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