Garden swings with your own hands

You can make an outstanding handmade swing for the garden on your own.

The metal swing is quite heavy, so you cannot move it from one place to another. That is why you should choose the place for a swing beforehand. The shaded place will be the best option, so your child will not stay in the direct sun for a long time. 

You will need the following materials:

9 metal pipes of the one diameter;

8 metal corners;

Two metal arcs with a diameter of 16 mm and a length of 25 cm;

2 wooden elements;

A few pieces of foam;

A strong rope;

A hawser

Also you will need a welding machine and paint for metal.

Preparatory work. 

On this stage you have to calculate the materials according to a technical drawing. 

Preparation of a carrier base. 

On this stage you should prepare the metal pipes for welding, or to ask the master to make the base according to a technical drawing. 

Mounting of a crossbar.

Fix the hooks or staples on a crossbar. Hang the chain through the holes. Person sitting on the swing should be able to put his footsteps on the ground.

This construction is covered with a special paint for metal.

Now it is time to make the seat. Make the seat frame from the metal corners, then fasten the wooden sitting to the frame. Then you should hang the sitting on a crossbar. Use the strong rope, and the special fasteners. The ropes should not slide on a crossbar, so you need to fix the rope with the special fasteners.

If you wish, you can make the handmade tent above the swing.

Remember the things which are important when you chose the materials for the swings:

The handmade swings should be as stable and reliable as possible;

The seat belts and special fences are necessary for the youngest children;

Take in account the growth and the weight of the child;

All materials used in construction should be safe and environment friendly.

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