Alison Hopkins

How To Make A Monogram

How to make a monogram on your favourite bag so that to make it look unique and so that it is impossible to get mistaken and mix it up with a different bag? Wait a minute! We’ll tell you one quite simple secret. Arm yourself with patience and free time. We think 1 hour will be more than enough.

You’ll need:

  • scissors;
  • an ordinary pencil;
  • an eraser;
  • a thin brush;
  • a glass of water;
  • a palette or a saucer;
  • a bit wet towels;
  • a printed monogram (before you start working on the article print several different monograms);
  • an self-adhesive paper tape;
  • acrylic paint of two colours. The colours should match the colour of your bag’s colour. (Read through the information on the label attentively).

How To Make A Monogram With Your Own Hands

1. Wipe the area of the bag where your monogram will be located with a wet towel and give it time to dry.

2. Cut out your monogram and hatch its wrong side with a pencil. The hatching should be even.

3. Turn over the paper. The monogram is now up. Put it where it should be and fix it with the help of self-adhesive paper tape. Then, press through the outline of the monogram with the help of the pencil. This way the outline will be imprinted on the bag.

4. Take away the monogram and, if you’re going to use light colours, clear the surface of the article off the excess of graphite with the help of an eraser.

5. You may start drawing. You need to apply paint on the outline of the monogram with light strokes. Remember, that there is a need to get rid of the excess of paint on the brush beforehand. Be attentive and try not to hurry up.

6. Give the first layer of paint time to dry (approximately 20 minutes) and apply the second layer of paint. Then, leave the picture to dry thoroughly.

Your monogram is ready!


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