Andrea Marshall

Dollar Bill Origami

This tutorial will show you how to make a cute origami shirt and a tie out of a dollar bill. This is a very original way to make a money gift for a man for his birthday, Father’s day or other occasion. Of course, you can take a bill of any currency and denomination.

We Will Need:

One bill of any denomination.  It easier to make this craft using a fresh crispy bill.

1: Start Folding The Bill

First, fold the Bill in half and then unfold it. Next, fold the corners into the center crease.

2: Paper Airplane

Again, unfold the bill. Fold one end as if you’re making a paper airplane: take one corner and fold it into a triangular shape. Do the same with the next corner.

3: Wrap

Fold the acute angle of the dollar bill to the president’s face so that the end was  on the central crease.

4: Fold A Tie

You may encounter some difficulties, but do not give up if you fail to do it the first time. On the picture the folds are marked in red. First, unfold the folds made in the previous step. Then make two creases diagonally back from the edges of a small white triangle on the tip, and connect them on the fold made in the previous step. On the pictures 2 and 3 you can see how the bill should look after this step.

5: Finish Your Tie

Turn the bill over, so that the folds are seen from the reverse side. Fold the sides of this large triangle under the tie and lay them flat. Then fold again along the crease made in the step 4. The tie is ready!

6: Repeat The Fold From The Step 2

Fold the two corners into the center, as shown in the step 2. But this time, slide them under the tie.

7: Start Making The Collar

Make a crease along the white strip on the bottom of the bill.

8: Finish The Collar

Turn the bill over. Fold the corners to the center to create diagonal creases. The exact length of these folds isn’t important. The main thing is that they were relatively even, and both corners almost meet in the center.

9: We Are Getting Close!

Fold the bill so that the collar turned out to be just under the tie.

10: Make The Sleeves

Unfold the fold you made in the previous step and slightly push the folds outwards (in the opposite direction), then make another fold after which the collar is again placed under the tie. You’ve made two sleeves on the both sides of the collar.

11: The Shirt And The Sleeves

Fold the bottom of the bill (the part with the sleeves and the collar) on the upper part to put the sleeves in place.

12: Add The Collar

Fold the back side of the collar. On the front side move the edges of the collar closer to the shirt to center the tie. Press all the folds tightly.

13: Congratulations! Your One Dollar Bill Origami Is Ready!


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