Kaylee Collins

How To Make Christmas Cards

Have you prepared for the holiday? If not, this article will help you make a beautiful Christmas card fast and easy.

Tools and supplies that you will need to make a Christmas card:

  • A4 board;
  • signed stamp;
  • ruler;
  • utility knife;
  • drawing pin;
  • compass;
  • hot glue;
  • needle;
  • thread;
  • small stars, spangles and ribbons.

You can replace some of these supplies with the ones you have at your disposal. For example, you can substitute scissors for utility knife, use a marker instead of a stamp, etc.

Take a board sheet and fold it in half. Draw a Christmas ball in outline. To do it, use a compass.

Place spangles around the painted ball. Let your imagination flow.

Use a drawing pin to mark places where you are going to attach embellishments.

Take a needle and a thread and attach spangles to the places you had marked. Keep in mind that thread colour should be the same as the spangle’s.

The back will look like this. Glue another sheet to hide it.

Take a ribbon, make a bow and stick it to the upper part of the painted ball using hot glue.

Make a stamp at the bottom to add congratulations or write it using a marker.

The Christmas card is ready!


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