DIY Tassel Earrings YSL


Earrings are one of the top accessories we have. And who doesn’t love them?! Walking around accessories shops I saw lots of earrings with different colors and shapes. But I was surprised by the unreasonable high prices. If you will take a closer look on those earrings at the stores you will see that they are very easy to make by yourself. That is exactly what I have decided to do and recreate the famous Yves Saint Laurent earrings. Those are customizable as well so you can improvise!

- 25 meters (79 feet) of bunka cord
- 2 corrugated brass beads 5/8″
- 2 corrugated brass caps 1/2″
- 2 eyepins
- 2 earwires
- E6000 glue
- pliers
- wire clippers
- scissors

1. Japanese bunka cord is very good for making tassels. The colors of the cord are up to you. Unravel the skeins first. Cut 2 3″ pieces and put them on the side. Cut the rest into multiple 8-10″ pieces. Make the two groups of strands, approximately 20 strands each.

2. Lay the strands flat. Take the 3″ piece of a strand and tie the strands in the middle. Cut the excess.

3. Pierce the eyepin through the bottom of the bead cap. Pour the small amount of E6000 glue into the bead cap.

4. Put the tied strands into the bead cup and hold it for a bit so they will glue. Pierce the corrugated bead on the eyepin so it will be on top of the bead cup.

5. Bend the eyepin 90 degrees to the left using the pliers. Then wrap the eyepin clockwise around the right side of the pliers.

6. Wrap the eyepin all the way around twice creating a loop.

7. Cut off the excess wire.

8. Pierce the loop through the earwire. Now trim the strands to a desired length. Make sure the strands are even.

9. Follow previous steps making the second earring. In the end make sure that the length of the both earrings is even.

Voila! Now you have this luxury and amazing accessory for your ears. They look classy and expensive and I am sure everybody will love them. Enjoy!



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