DIY Polymer Clay Necklace

Step 5

Poke the hole in the center of each disk using a skewer of toothpick.

Hello everyone!

I couldn’t help but notice that people are becoming obsessed with the handcrafted jewelry. One of the most beloved ones – jewelry made from Polymer Clay. I must say I fell in love with those from the first sight! It looks just so cool, unusual and stylish so I couldn’t just walk by and didn’t share this tutorial on how to make Polymer Clay Necklace with you!

Here is what you will need today:
- Polymer clay
- Craft knife
- Skewer or toothpick
-Twine or leather thonging
- Baking paper and baking tray

Let’s get started!

Step 1
Cover your workspace using the baking paper. Take two the Polymer Clay in two colors (they are white and green here but can improvise!). Cut the clay in pieces measuring roughly 12mm.

We are going to mix the colors so you need to keep one piece of each color intact and cut the remaining pieces smaller than the previous (as shown on the picture).

Step 2
Blend the colors together by rolling the beads until the colors evenly mixed. 

Step 3
Cut each bend in two even halves.

Step 4
Put each bend between the two pieces of baking paper and flatten it using your finger, rolling-pin or a flat-side glass over it. You should get a 2mm-3mm sized thick and even discs.

Step 5
Poke the hole in the center of each disk using a skewer of toothpick.

Step 6
Put a baking paper on a baking tray, place all the discs on it and bake according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 7
When the disks have baked and cooled get the twine and measure it on yourself to see which length you want for your necklace. String the disks on it and tie the ends together.

And voila! The necklace looks amazing and so stylish!

Here are also a way to make the same one but with the beads instead of disks.

Skip the steps number 3 and 4 and come right into step 5. Poke the holes in the center of the beads, bake them according to the manufacturer's instructions. Follow further steps as written.

And now enjoy!



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