DIY kusadama flower

Origami takes an important place in Japanese culture, so needlewomen constantly come up with complex compositions made of paper, which are then combined into balls and original flowers. 

If you are interested in DIY kusadama flower from paper for beginners, hope this will inspire you. Even beginners can make beautiful flowers from paper handmade. 

The simplest figures in kusadama technique can be done in just a few minutes. 

1. From paper for origami or office paper, you need to cut six squares of the same size. Fold the box first two times in half, then unfold and fold it diagonally. You should have clearly defined folds, which in the future will tell you which steps to take. 

2. Take the top of the square and press it on all sides to get a quadrangular volumetric star. With a toothpick, you can try to twist the edges and give the figure an original shape. Use it as a decoration or for making flowers. To keep the figure's shape, glue it with pva. 

Another option is to make individual modules according to the scheme for the kusadami flower. To do this, you also need to fold the box several times. Then fold it in a triangle and lower corners bend upward to the center. 

Then you need to unbend the corners and straighten them so that the quadrangles on both sides will turn out as shown on the diagram. 

Hide the sharp corners and bend the triangles in half and inwards. It remains to add the detail as shown in the photo and you will get one module for the flower. 

Make five more pieces from the remaining squares, and then glue them into one flower. The advantage of such a modular craft is that it can be fixed on one stem and you can make an unusual bouquet with it. 

 Today kusadami is used as an original crafts made of paper for decorating the interior. You can use balls or flowers to decorate a children's holiday or other event. Kusadami is a good alternative of expensive gifts, hope you will love it!.


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