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DIY Kaleidoscope!

Sometimes the simplest of tutorials are the most spectacular!

This is a tutorial of a kaleidoscope that both childrens and adults wil love! It’s for crafters who are tired from ordinary handicrafts from natural materials, threads or fabric. It’s for those who want to create something extraordinary and beautiful in a few minutes!

We will use an old chips box (like Pringles) or a cardboard tube out of the paper towels roll, turning it in a beautiful, fabulous kaleidoscope! Then find a piece of plastic, some multicolored beads and a long piece of cardboard. Glue, ruler and scissors are the must! And no other special materials required!

So, necessary things in one pic:

Start with cutting the plastic circle of a slightly bigger diameter than the tube.

Glue it on the bottom of the tube. Fix well!

Put a bit of colored beads inside the tube.

Then cut out the second plastic circle.

Push it inside the tube to the beads and once measure the height of future cardboard partitions.

Next cut 3 strips of cardboard with the proper height. Wrap them in foil with a reflecting side outwards.

Compile them in a triangle. Glue, fix carefully.

Set the triangle inside the tube and glue outside another plastic circle.

Wrap the tube in a beautiful paper and enjoy the result!

Hope you'll love this DIY kaleidoscope and have a lot of fun with it together with your family!

Photos by SheKnows


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