DIY pom pom flowers (video)

Original pom pom flowers made by your own will become the best present for someone you want to greet! They are creative, beautiful and funny. Also such handmade bouquet will make your home cozy and warm in any weather! Here’s a master-class with video which will show you that making such DIY flowers is easy and joyful! Also, you can make the same way some decorations for your home or party. This looks really amazing. Let’s start!

You will need:

Yarn of any color;

Piece of cardboard;



Some circular objects;

Tissue paper strip or floral tape;



Step 1: Making the stem handmade

Take a piece of paper rectangle form. We are using size: 10 inches wide and 12 inches long paper and roll it from any corner. Do it really accurate, this thing must be thick. Apply some glue on the end to make it complete. Trim off the thin ends. Cover the roll with tissue paper. Apply some glue on the start and twist it around your stem.  Another option is to use floral tape.

Step 2: Making cardboard discs handmade

Take your piece of cardboard and trace a circle using some bowl or dish (our has 5,5 inches in diameter). Take a smaller circular object and trace it in the middle of big circle (our has 1 ¾ diameter). Make sure that inner circle is not more than 2 inches in diameter. Cut along the outer circle. Make a slit till the center and cut along the smaller circle. Make one more disc the same way and exactly the same size.

Step 3: Making the pom-pom flower handmade

Take the yarn of any color and wrap it around the disc. Make it carefully and accurate. Keep wrapping the entire disc. You may wrap two different color yarns together to make double shaded pom poms. Wrap till the end. Finish of by tying as shown in the video. Trim off the excess. Now the most fascinating part! Cut the yarn in between two discs. Only at the outer edge, while keeping the wrap in place with the other hand.

Snip only a bit at a time, holding it together with your other hand, until you have cut all the way around.

Step 4: Final one

Take a piece of yarn about 12 inches long and pass it between the two discs as shown in video. Tie a knot really tight and carefully remove the disc. Fluff it up to make it really nicer and funny! Snip the excess yarn. Insert your stem in the center of pom pom. If you want – you can bend the stem the way you like it.

Take a flower vase and arrange the pom pom flowers. Your bouquet is ready!


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