DIY Origami Bunny

Adorable origami bunny rabbit will suit your Easter table and will win the attention of all the guests!
You can create it handmade in your home using ordinary cardboard! Below you will find a video which shows step by step how to make such a toy handmade! And for those who love origami stuff, this will be such a nice timespending! So, let's begin!
For this DIY Origami Bunny you will need cardboard or thick paper square form 21x21 cm. If you want bigger bunny - just take a bigger paper!
Start with white side up. Make a crease on each side of the half mark. Next fold the top and bottom to the centre marks. Fold the top and bottom left corners into the centre. Turn the model over, fold the left corner inwards. Unfold the flaps and squash fold of the top and bottom. Fold the right flap to the left.
Pinch one layer and squash inwards. Mountain fold the model. Then unfold and turn over the model. Fold in the bottom and top left sides to the centre. Valley fold the model. Reverse fold the right section to create the body. Fold the nose over and reverse fold inside.
Mountain fold roughly on ½ of the body. Pleat fold up to the start of the head. Create a crease on 2nd part of the body. Create a mountain fold on each side and bring the legs out and around. Remember that animals are not symmetrical so these folds could be not perfect.
Fold the legs under and reverse fold the tail inwards. Pull out the ears carefully. Your bunny rabbit is ready!


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